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Mission Trips are outreach events that take us away from our local community.

We have previously sent teams to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky to serve a week at a time.  Red Bird Mission is located in Clay County Kentucky, the poorest county in the United States. We repaired homes, ministered to the homeowners, made repairs to the mission work camp, and had the privilege of serving with folks from all over the country and of all ages.  The cost of the trip is approximately $600.  This includes your week at the camp, hotel, and meal expenses going to and from Red Bird and meals and entertainment on Wednesday during the week you serve.  For more information, contact the church office. We are in the midst of planning our 2024 visit to Red Bird. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the church office.

International Mission Trips

We will be further exploring international mission trips, such as a possible our Sister Church in Cuba.  To be eligible for an international mission trip you must attend a Red Bird or other domestic (U.S.) mission week first.  Keep checking back to see where God is leading New Beginnings to serve around the world.